Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BLUE BEETLE: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Floppies- via Kung Fu Monkey

Reading  John Rogers' Kung Fu Monkey article, BLUE BEETLE: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Floppies,
He brings up many good points about self publishing, web-based comics publishing, etc. 
"... On the business side, there are a million great stories out there that aren't being told, because of a.)the high cost of breaking into the business of storytelling in mass media and b.) the high cost of producing and distributing those stories once you've broken in.My point being -- a lot of those great untold stories make the best sense told in a serialized nonstandard page length, with accompanying art. When I was working on Blue Beetle, the final two issues originally plotted out to 50 pages. A tight fifty pages. They had to fit into 44. Now, setting aside that it's always better to edit, we can still ask -- was the book better for losing those six pages of character and story? I don't know. But it seems damn silly to bend storytelling to a format sold almost exclusively in low-attendance, often creepy specialty shops scattered across the nation.

Will you get even the paltry tens of thousands of paying customers that
comics now get? I don't know. But without the publishing overhead, you
may not need that many. Let's put it this way -- stripping out
distribution costs and our share of the rent for those nice DC offices
in Mahattan, Blue Beetle could have cost fifty cents an issue at its worst sales level, and still paid Rafael and myself more than we made on the run of the book.
YO- click and read the link in John's article to
this interview with Clay Shirky.

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