Thursday, March 31, 2005

flameape podcast test

This is a test. you will hear actual audio of a live art-primate in its natural habitat...A studio in a tiny apartment in the jungles of burlington, vermont.

so if you'd like to listen to a teeny tiny example of what my podcasts could be - take a listen to this test podcast.

direct link: flameape_ep0a_3-31-05.mp3

i really should give the credit where credit is due- the following folks gave me alot of technical help and encouragement in the last few weeks:

bill simmon, my long time pal and fellow blogger/media producer who helped with some equipment from our public access channel.

neil gorman of the the comicology podcast- one of the best comic podcasters around.

neil dixon of a minor technicality.

and last, but not least, richard vobes.

Even last-er but not least-er- thanks to the three podcasters who, without knowing it, popped my podcast cherry- Madge Weinstein, Amanda Congdon & Adam Curry.

i'll have the first real one in a few days- by monday, anyway.


spocko said...

OOOh I just listened to my first podcast! And it was you!
cool. I'm interested in doing this too. question, did you have the music playing while you were talking or add it in later? Same with the apes screaming bit?

On one hand the music background reminded me of "This American Life" and added a layer to the voice instead of "I'm here in my bathroom" kind of feel. I liked it, but I don't know if I could handle it for more than a few minutes. Plus when I consider doing if I want to use music I realize I don't really have any that I like and can use for more than about 13 seconds.

Interesting experiment. What I would be interested to hear is your thoughts about story structure and character development in comics. I first remember noticing character development one of the early issues of "The New Mutants" A character called Cannonball was trying to figure out how to use his skills and failing, when he finally figured it out in a tense moment I realized 1) I was actually nervous for him 2)It make me connect to the character partly because of his facial expressions before during and after the experience where he figured he could control his power.

I'm just always interested in what works, what draws people in, what makes them care and keep coming back. Did you ever read "Radio, an illustrated Guide by Jessica Abel and Ira Glass"? I think some of the images are still on the NPR This America Life web page. Jessica also does a comic called Artbabe. You might want to check them out. Not great art, but it does talk alot about making radio and storytelling.

Good luck you podcasting fool. Thanks for linking me to your blog. There is just something about all you bloggers in Vermont that I just really like, I'm not sure why, but if your work ever takes you to Star Fleet Headquarters drop me a line and I'll take you to the comics museaum here.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your next show. Hopefully your move will go smooth.

What was the piece of music (violins) you used in your Podcast test?

flameape said...

the violins are from a loop used in garageband- the mac ilife composition/recording program. anyone who would like an mp3 of the soundtrack can email me for it- gratis.

Ethan Slayton said...

Hey Greg,
That sounded great. I really liked the music in the background. Switching the music up from time to time every podcast or every week (finding new music that works every podcast could be a minor hassle)would add a lot more class to an alredy classy 'cast.
I agree with Spocko; I'd be interested to hear your views on story development, et. al.
But I'll definately be interested in hearing new news.....er...that is,..if it's news I aint heard....since I'll be right there most of the time any...way...OK forget that last part and just keep up the good work! Dammit!