Saturday, May 05, 2007

APPARENTLY he CAN'T do what a spider can anymore....EDITED

2.jpg (cue the sad elfman soundtrack) so, i saw spidey3 with friends on opening night. 4 of us went.

now im really tellin the truth, here- we were all really down afterwards. LITERALLY - there was this quiet feeling of dissapointment amongst us. it's funny- usually, 1 outta 4 likes a blockbuster, right? . and the people i went with arent avid comic readers anymore; 1 does'nt even read comics.. they loved spidey 1 & 2.... they love superhero films, etc. so it wasn't like they didnt "get it", ok? this was plain dissapointment.

main crits:
the limp venom, the all that jazz number, dunst's anoerexia (and miraculous gaining of 10 lbs at the end!!??), the complete lack of passion with spidey and mj. i was rooting for gwen; the almost insulting quantity of coincindences to carry plot... it all made for a dawson's creek episode with web-slingin. oy.

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it's kinda pathetic when the only well done part of a spidey film was the sandman, betty brant and jjj! i'm just hoping this is fatigue on the part of the cast and director. if this happens with his upcoming shadow film, then we're really screwed AND raimi's fucked.. i think a whole new team is in order.

and look- if this film was for kids(mostly)- fine with me! Spidey 3 as family fun? I'M ALL FER IT! But guess what, it's not an excuse for making such a mediocre film!! I use the film, The Invicibles as an example. just because the demographic is not strictly adult doesn't mean writing, storytelling and plot are to be lazily ignored. The Invicibles proved that a family film about superheroes could be kid safe, witty , fresh and fun! I thought it was, in fact the best Fantastic 4 film that FF wasn't! (pant, wheez...puff)

Now please- don't get me wrong- i'm happy as a fanboy could be to see comic book superheroes on the big screen. i even am happy that Spidey franchise is making lots of producers look at comics for film, makin' $, etc... blah blah. i'm not a jerk. (debateable...) i just take issue with spidey3 being a waste of time. this was a lazy film, pure and simple- a big fat rubbery one.

fingers crossed for iron man and batman 2.

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