Monday, July 11, 2005

Flick Lives!! or... Where the fuck have I been?? NOTE: THIS ENTRY HAS NO PODCAST OF MINE IN IT.

better make this clearer- the podcast contained in this entry is of another's design/etc. i will have something up in a few hours/by the morning. sorry if this is confusing- now go eat a banana and leave me alone.

"While we are postponing, life speeds by."
- Seneca (3BC - 65AD)

Where have I been? Since my last entry( ie, lies...) I've been through the ringer.
Here's the short list of my stupid crap-

1. The pressure of trying to get work for the studio and etc...
2. deadlines ...
3. Mysterious Lumbar pain which turned into a HERNIATED DISK (LOWEST VERTABRAE) and SCIATIC NERVE PINCHED BY THE SACARYLIAC (sic, i'm sure...) BONE?!?!?!?!????

4. The more than 8 weeks of debilitating anguish from same.
5. Finally exploding with the long overdue mourning of my mother who died this December. It may have aggravated the pain ( if any of y'all are familiar with the connection between pain, depression, anger and fybromyalgia- you'll understand) to be worse and longer than it could have been.
6. some other health/anxiety scares.

good stuff-
7. doing pin-ups for B. Clay Moore's Image-published comics; THE EXPATRIATE and BATTLE HYMN.
8. My assistant Ethan Slayton and I bustin' ass on a 5-page backup for the last issue of Battle Hymn.
9. gettin' ready for the SAN DIEGO COMICON. yay! i mean it- yay.

so today- my power and UPS shat on me twice. I lost whole pages/scans. I'm ready to fucking shoot the compooper out th' window and follow it.

And then I remember - JEAN SHEPHERD.
Jean will save my sanity. So I follow up some internet leads- it turns out some fathead out there on the internets is PODCASTING whole episodes!! A few clicks later- I'm laughing my ass off the way I did when I was 9 in Valley Stream, N.Y. in 1975?? oy vey. Anyway- laughing at the iirreverent reflections on life's ironies and "peculiar kind of realities" that only the late Jean could come up with. Off the cuff. Alot like a podcast.

just listen- Jean Shepherds Fathead cast- May 14th 1965 and find out about my original radio commentator hero who inspired my audio/video aspirations as a kid.


flick lives!

p.s. i'll be posting jounal entries/photos from the con!

pps. i dedicate this entry and the good works i do at the show to my late mother Mary and Helen, my love. Thanks also to all my friends - personal and proffesional - thanks.

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