Friday, May 06, 2005

Flameape Podcast, revisited.

"Best laid plans of apes and men..."

Well egg on my face, yes? YES. I have been a very bad podcaster and am accepting my punishment. WACK...WACK...WACK!. There. now with knuckles a bit bloody - let's go down memory lane with me to see/hear how all this started...(more new jabbering below)

[originally posted on Thursday, March 31, 2005.]

"This is a test. you will hear actual audio of a live art-primate in its natural habitat...A studio in a tiny apartment in the jungles of burlington, vermont.

so if you'd like to listen to a teeny tiny example of what my podcasts could be - take a listen to this test podcast.

direct link: flameape_ep0a_3-31-05.mp3

i really should give the credit where credit is due- the following folks gave me alot of technical help and encouragement in the last few weeks:

bill simmon, my long time pal and fellow blogger/media producer who helped with some equipment from our public access channel.

neil gorman of the the comicology podcast- one of the best comic podcasters around.

neil dixon of a minor technicality.

and last, but not least, richard vobes.

Even last-er but not least-er- thanks to the three podcasters who, without knowing it, popped my podcast cherry- Madge Weinstein, Amanda Congdon & Adam Curry.

i'll have the first real one in a few days- by monday, anyway."

HA! MONDAY!! RIGHT! Well, i meant well. I have been a participant in the Friday Coffeeblogging with NTODD and BILL, so i suppose i have been podcasting- just not my own. anyway, later today there shall be a proper first Flameape Podcast and all will be well. Also make sure to subscribe to The Bat Feed- a collection of many great Comics Podcasts like Comicology and Collected Comics Podcast. I was informed by one of my brothers to "get on it". So the Flameape shall! It's been recorded- allthat's left is minor edits and "upbloat" as Madge Weinstein would say. Thanks for the interview , Madge!

I'm a Goddamn lazy primate.

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