Wednesday, March 23, 2005

richard vobes radio show.

so i'm doing my usual thing each morning...make the coffee, oatmeal, a bit of howard stern, morning sedition, etc...and now my morning routine includes checking podcasts. in fact it has basically become my favorite part of the brekkie sit-down at the g5. it's like listening to regis(akk!) or news on the radio, except it's actually entertaining or informative!

so this time a few weeks ago i found richard vobes radio show; a podcast from Worthing in West Sussex, england. it's a real treat. it's like the old radio shows i've heard about from the golden age of radio- a bit of chat, anecdotal humor, family (vobes' smart, irreverant kids are an ever-present part of the show) and shtick- wrapped in a devil-may-care/seat of the pants style that is disarmingly charming. he also includes whatever pop 80's and mod-era 60's music strikes his fancy to include. by the way, his reviews of the current state of movie remakes, and book/tv to movie adaptations ( war of the worlds, thunderbirds, etc...)are "spot-on" & "brilliant".

not that there aren't weak points. richard's show is alot of fun- but like all podcasts, ther[sic] can be a diamond-in-the rough quality about them. that being said, podcasting is not about slick, it's about from the heart, real communication. like a blog- only audio. in the case of vobes (a proffesional radio performer actor and comedian, he brings a slickness to the podcast experience without it sounding packaged and like he's duplicating a radio experience.

so get a podcast aggregator, go to his site, subscribe to his podcast feed - and have a cup of coffee with me tomorrow morning as we enjoy the wit and merriment of richard vobes.


Mark Sasahara said...

How many jigawatts does the aggragator have to be and what format should I aggregate in? Should I use FTP3, A1, or the non standard but superior SRTA aggregation format?



Richard Vobes Radio Show said...

Wow - what a compliment!!! And there was I beginning to think my format was getting tired and dull!

By the way, I have be experiementing with Thunderbird email programme and that seem to have a facility to subscribe to RSS feeds and will download the shows. Try it, my feed is: http://www.kidztv.com/RSS/rvshow.xml

Great stuff Gregory! And thanks!!!

Richard Vobes
The Richard Vobes Radio Show

jEN said...

I can't help but to think that Richard looks as though he's experiencing a rather uncomfortable procedure in his nether regions with that promo shot. LOL Looks like a nervous, "Be quick doc, this is rather embarrassing..."

Nice to see the podcast love getting spread around though.