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Monday, March 24, 2008

Common Craft - Web 2.0 In Plain English

Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

So I got to this site by trying to find out how to do some stuff in twitter, I'm http://twitter.com/flameape, BTW. Okay so I goto to this Common Craft site because of their video, " Twitter in Plain English", a video which promises to help the viewer understand in 2 and a half minutes what and why and who twitter is. and they more than succeed! so run there and find vids like:

Video: RSS in Plain English (433)

Video: Wikis in Plain English (375)

Video: Blogs in Plain English (261)

Just a quick copy/paste/send and no more wasting yer time explaining shit to your geek-deficient friends. Oh and did I mention that the vids were Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States? HMM? HUH?

Monday, October 29, 2007

How D'Israeli Drew Leviathan (Or, Drawing Comics from Scratch on Computer)

This morning i found this terrific "how i do it" article on the blog of UK comic book arteest, Matt Brooker, AKA, D'ISRAELI (his website is cool too). In it you'll find out how Matt draws comic pages on his graphics tablet. I'm not necessarily in favor of either traditional or digital comic creation- I just figure whatever works. What's really cool about this tutorial is Matt's clear writing about why and how he does the various steps, etc. through to the finished product. And hey- also check out D'Freebies of D'Israeli- brooker's resource files for comic book artists: swatches, tool presets, thumbnail and page grids for comic page formatting. Thanks Matt!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fake Crop Circles Photoshop Tutorial

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Aliens from outer space or fakes created by people with far too much time on their hands ?
Who knows, or indeed cares ? Here we present you with an easy way to create fake ones using
photoshop. First off, find an aerial view of a suitable field to create our crop circle, we used one
from istock photo for the purpose of this tutorial, just search for “aerial field” if you want to find the one we used :


Next we need to create the crop circle pattern, this can be anything you like -
get creative, you could also use a company logo etc, for this tutorial we used
the custom shape tool and the elipse tool, make this to start with :


Then build up a bit more detail with more circles etc :


This shape will form the basis of our crop circle, save this psd file with all your circles on
separate layers, then hide the background layer and on the menu go to
Layer > Merge Visible. This puts the circle design all on one layer, now show the
background (field photo) layer again. Now choose Edit > Transform > distort
and move the handles in line with the stripes on the field to give the idea of perspective :


Now duplicate this layer, choose Edit > Free Transform, hold down shift and move the
handle to make smaller versions of the pattern and position them like so :


Once again, hide the field photo and merge the 3 circles layers together Hold down ctrl + click
on the circles layer to make a selection, hide the circles layer and then create a new layer :


Fill this layer with black, and then right click on it in the layer window and
choose “blending options”, set the blending mode to “overlay” and take the opacity down to 55% :


Then click on inner-shadow and use these settings :


Finally, go to Filter > Distort > Ripple and use these settings :


And thats it, your final image should look like this :


You can also download the psd for this tutorial.
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